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Guangdong Hongtu was selected as “Top 50 Comprehensive Strength of China's Die Casting Manufacturers”
Publication time:2019.07.22 15:03:52

On March 11-16, 2019, China Foundry Associationheld the "15th China Foundry Association Annual Meeting" in Shanghai,and held the 13th China International Die Casting Industry Exhibition. Thecompany's leader Xu Feiyue, CEO, Die Casting (Main Department) General ManagerMo Jianzhong and Deputy General Manager Zhang Guoguang were invited to attendthe event.

The company actively responded to the call ofsuperior industry associations and government departments, followed the pace ofspeeding up the restructuring of the foundry industry and the transformationand upgrading, and played a leading role in leading enterprises. At the sametime, in order to support the key industry resources to support key backbonedie-casting enterprises to rapidly upgrade their brands, expand the overallinfluence of “China Die Casting” and better participate in internationalcompetition, China Foundry Association launched the first “China Die CastingParts” in October 2016. The selection of the top 50 comprehensive strength ofproduction enterprises. Since its launch, the activity has received extensiveattention and active participation from various companies in the die-castingindustry.

At this annual meeting, the members of the top 50evaluation team of die-casting enterprises evaluated the performance ofGuangdong Hongtu, basic management and human resources, independent innovation,social responsibility and industry influence, and participation in associationactivities. The company has no suspense. Once again, it has won the honorarytitle of “Top 50 Comprehensive Strength of China's Die Casting ProductionEnterprises” and is in the forefront of the domestic die-casting enterpriserankings. This is the national industry association's full recognition of thecompany's contribution to the development of the industry and its prominentposition in the industry. The embodiment and the important imprint of thecompany's development process.

The 13th China International Die Casting Exhibitionheld in the same period is the annual event of China's foundry industry. It hasbecome the most large-scale and influential platform in the internationalfoundry industry exhibition, and is known as the “wind vane of the developmentof China's foundry industry”.

In order to showcase the R&D, manufacturing andtechnological innovation strength of die-casting products for die-castingenterprises, China Casting held the “Gold Award for Quality Die Castings”.During the exhibition, the company exhibited high-tech automotive aluminumalloy die-casting parts and participated in the “Quality Die Casting GoldAward” selection activity. Among them, our company and the new energy vehiclecustomers simultaneously designed and produced the automotive structural partsleft/right front side beams. After the complexity of the product constructionand the exquisite workmanship of the die-casting process, it was highlyrecognized by the judges and experts, and once again won the "Gold Awardfor Quality Casting". The company has won this honor for eight consecutiveyears.

During the exhibition time of a few days, thecompany booth attracted the attention of many domestic and foreign merchantsand professional visitors and conducted related business negotiations. Inparticular, the new energy vehicle structural parts products received the mostattention, and our sales engineers explained to them in detail. Productfeatures and company strength.

Through this exhibition, Guangdong Hongtu not onlyfully demonstrated the company's comprehensive strength and future developmentdirection. At the same time, it has deepened the technical exchanges betweenthe same industry and understand the development trend of the industrymarket.The acquisition of honor is inseparable from the joint efforts of allemployees. It is not only affirmation of our achievements, but also a heavyresponsibility and responsibility. All employees of Guangdong Hongtu will notforget the original intention and continue to make the die-casting industrystronger and better, and build the world. A first-class auto parts company andbravely march forward.


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