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ZhuXi, equipped with the future
Publication time:2019.07.22 16:01:23

On December 17, 2018, the 4th Pearl River WestCoast Advanced Equipment Manufacturing Investment and Trade Fair wassuccessfully held at the Tanzhou International Exhibition Center in Shunde,Foshan. Guangdong Provincial Party Secretary Li Xi and Governor Ma Xingruiattended the opening ceremony. Guangdong Hongtu Technology Co., Ltd. and itsholding company Guangdong Baolong Automobile Co., Ltd. participated in the fairand product display.

The theme of the fair was “Zhuxi Zhizhi,Equipment Future”. The total exhibition area is 30,000 square meters. Itgathers advanced equipment manufacturing enterprises, well-known technicalexperts and financial investment institutions from the cities along the westbank of the Pearl River to showcase the equipment. Key development directionsof manufacturing, robotics, new energy vehicles, high-end marine engineeringand wind power equipment, as well as technological independent innovation,first (set) equipment products, major project introduction, industrial platformconstruction, and industrial chain intensive development. The latest results.

In the more than 2,000 square meters ofZhaoqing exhibition area, many enterprises in Zhaoqing have come up with“watching skills”, and in the booth of Gaoyao District, the most striking isthe all-aluminum automobile engine combustion exhibited by Guangdong HongtuTechnology Co., Ltd. The dynamic simulation shows that the engine is applied toa famous international automobile brand, and the required aluminum alloy partsare produced by Guangdong Hongtu. Through the dynamic and real display of theinternal engine, many industry experts and spectators stopped at the booth toobserve and praised the achievements of China's basic manufacturing industry.

As an importantrepresentative enterprise of China's automobile industry parts production,Guangdong Hongtu has displayed various types of new energy sources that havebeen applied by domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers throughprofessional exhibition areas, with light weight, high strength and hightechnology content. Automotive die castings, such as pure electric vehiclepower battery cabinets, drive motor housings, and high-end body structuralparts, such as automotive engine mounts, automotive shock absorbers, etc.

Zhang Guoguang, deputy general manager of the company's die-castingdepartment, and related departments attended the meeting and introduced thecompany's product features, comprehensive strength and corporate developmentdirection to the leaders and car manufacturers attending the fair.

In this fair,Guangdong Hongtu Holdings Co., Ltd.-Guangdong Baolong Automobile Co., Ltd.,with the latest bullet-proof armored vehicles, unveiled the new generation ofelectric electric vehicle brand Xiaopeng Automobile's first mass-produced pureelectric vehicle Xiaopeng G3. Both exhibits are on display. Out of thecharacteristics of intelligence, technology, and individuality, the two majorcar manufacturers have naturally become the hot spot of Zhaoqing exhibitionarea.

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