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Entering the new era, grasping new requirements, opening a new journey of cooperation between customs and enterprises
Publication time:2019.07.22 16:05:54

The 19th National Congress of theCommunist Party of China is a major milestone in the history of the developmentof the cause of the party and the state. According to the report of the 19thNational Congress, "China's economy has shifted from a high-speed growthstage to a high-quality development stage, and is in the process oftransforming the development mode, optimizing the economic structure, andtransforming the growth momentum." Promoting high-quality development isto implement the spirit of the 19th Party Congress, adhere to the general toneof steady progress, implement new development concepts, resolve major socialcontradictions in the new era, deepen supply-side structural reforms, andpromote stable growth and promotion. Reforming, adjusting the structure,benefiting the people's livelihood, preventing risks, laying a good foundationfor the three major battles, and promoting the sustained and healthydevelopment of the economy and society are the fundamental requirements andfundamental methods for promoting China's transition from a large tradingcountry to a trading power.

Facing the historical opportunitiesbrought about by the new era and the current factors of instability in theinternational economic environment, in order to fully understand the foreigntrade policies of the new era countries and strengthen the communicationbetween enterprises and customs. On November 6, 2018, Mo Jianzhong, thecompany's vice president and general manager of the die-casting department,accompanied by Liang Jiancheng, director of the Gaoyao District BusinessBureau, went to Zhaoqing Customs to visit the responsible person.

General Manager Mo Jianzhong alsoreported on the company's development and future development plans in recentyears. The company's achievements today depend on the support and assistance ofZhaoqing Customs leaders and related departments, which has enabled thecompany's import and export business to grow rapidly. . Mo Jianzhong emphasizedthat the company is currently in a critical period of development. The companyis carrying out capital increase and expansion projects in Gaoyao Jinli Auto PartsIndustrial Park. The first phase of the project covers an area of more than200 acres and is planned to be put into operation in March 2019. At the sametime, in order to further improve the company's management level, the companyis under the guidance of Zhaoqing Customs to carry out the senior certificationof corporate customs to meet the growing needs of import and export business.General Manager Mo Jianzhong hopes that Zhaoqing Customs will continue toprovide strong support and help. At the same time, Zhaoqing Customs isrequested to give guidance and criticism to the lack of or the wrong place inthe development of Hongtu.

Fan Chuangliang, deputy director, said: GaoyaoDistrict, as the vanguard of Zhaoqing's economy, has always attached greatimportance to cooperation with Zhaoqing Customs. Zhaoqing Customs will continueto support the development of Gaoyao economy, provide services for high-demandenterprises, and promote high-demand enterprises. Better and fasterdevelopment. As the leader of Gaoyao Industrial Enterprise, Guangdong Hongtu isalso a business card of Zhaoqing. In the process of enterprise development, ithas made great contributions to the development of Zhaoqing Auto PartsIndustry. Zhaoqing Customs will strengthen its business with the enterprise inthe coming period. Communicate and cooperate, and practice "administrationaccording to law, check the country, serve the economy, and promotedevelopment." The essence of customs work is to promote economicdevelopment. It is not only an important government management departmentinvolved in national law enforcement and economic management, but also a goodhelper for law-abiding enterprises. At the same time, Deputy Commissioner FanChuangliang emphasized the following opinions:

First, enterprises should focus on implementing andimplementing relevant national laws and regulations. Fan deputy directorstressed that the customs is a law enforcement department, and it is the dutyof the customs to control the country according to law. Supervision is thecornerstone of customs work and the foundation of customs. In all our work, wemust effectively handle the relationship between efficiency and efficiency,optimize services on the basis of strengthening supervision, improve efficiencyunder the premise of improving the country, and cannot blame regulatory issuesat any time and under any conditions. Dereliction of duty and dereliction ofduty must not be exchanged for efficiency at the expense of efficiency, nor canit increase the burden on enterprises due to cumbersome and ineffectiveregulatory actions.

Secondly, the Customs will focus on serviceenterprises, build a new mechanism for the linkage of sea enterprises, andcontinuously innovate the supervision model. Deputy Commissioner Fan proposedthat Zhaoqing Customs should make new contributions and new contributions inpromoting trade security and convenience and the new pattern of active service.Zhaoqing Customs will take the initiative to adapt to the requirements of theconstruction of a modern economic system, continuously innovate ideas, deepenreforms, and focus on solving the cumbersome customs clearance process. On thebasis of strict supervision, a stable, fair, transparent and predictablebusiness environment will be established to provide services for enterprises.Save time and money, and improve the quality of customs services.

Thirdly, I hope that Guangdong Hongtu will strictlyfollow the development of import and export business, especially on thedevelopment of import and export business. On the one hand, we mustconscientiously study and master relevant national laws and regulations, andstrictly regulate in various fields and in all aspects of supervision, taxationand customs clearance. On the other hand, enterprises must improve thestandardization, regularization, and standardization of management, and striveto achieve quality, efficiency, and efficiency in refined management.

Finally, the two sides also exchanged and analyzedthe current economic situation and Sino-US trade issues. They agreed that theChinese economy has entered a new era and hopes that customs and enterpriseswill actively promote processing trade to extend the industrial chain, enhancethe value chain, and extend the supply chain. Promote the integration andoptimization of special customs supervision areas, and make new contributionsand new contributions to building a strong trade country.

At the symposium, relevant personnel of theZhaoqing Customs Inspection Division participated in the exchange of relatedbusiness. Accompanied by the company, Zhang Guoguang, deputy general manager ofthe company's die-casting department, and the relevant personnel responsiblefor import and export business of the material control department.

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