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Guangdong Hongtu Subsidiary Ningbo Siwei was awarded the winner of the 2016-2017 National “Ankang Cup” Competition
Publication time:2019.07.22 16:18:27

Guangdong Hongtu Subsidiary Ningbo Siwei seriously implements the spiritof the "Ankang Cup" activity document of the higher level,effectively strengthens the labor protection work of the enterprise,continuously promotes the in-depth development of the company's "AnkangCup" competition, and promotes the continuous improvement of the level ofsafety production management. It has enhanced the self-protection awareness ofemployees, effectively prevented the occurrence of various types of accidentsin safety production, safeguarded the legitimate rights and interests of employees,and promoted the harmonious and stable enterprise. It was awarded the 2016-2017National Health Care by the All-China Federation of Trade Unions and theNational Emergency Management Department. Cup" contest winners.

On the afternoon of August 13, Zhu Mengbo, vice chairman of the CixiCity Federation of Trade Unions, Luo Yiping, director of the Rights and WelfareDepartment, and the leaders of the township federations came to the company toissue medals.

In the past fewyears, the company has carried out the “Ankang Cup” competition in a solidmanner, established the “Ankang Cup” competition organization committee chairedby the general manager of the company, and established a safety inspection teamand activity office to be responsible for the specific work of the event. Whileearnestly studying and implementing the laws and regulations such as the TradeUnion Law, the Safety Production Law, the Occupational Disease Prevention andControl Law, and the Labor Protection Supervision and Inspection Regulations,we will establish and improve a safety management system with a safetyproduction responsibility system as the core. The guiding ideology of"safety first, prevention first" is to carry out the Ankang Cupcompetition with the theme of "promoting corporate safety culture andstrengthening team safety management" to promote the harmoniousdevelopment of enterprises. The activities are closely related to themanagement of the team. With the “six ones” and the employees “five ones” asthe basic contents, the company will comprehensively promote safety productionmanagement, safety culture construction, employee safety and health education,and strengthen the safety production infrastructure of enterprises, andestablish pre-class tips. Monthly notification, gradual inspection, on-siteinspection, labor protection and other systems, continuously improve the safetyand health awareness and quality of the employees, firmly establish the conceptof safe production, strengthen the labor protection and safety and health workof enterprises, and create a good job for the sustainable development ofenterprises. Safe production environment.

The competitiongrasps the characteristics of the industry, and grasps the two safetymanagement priorities of “strict fire prevention and occupational health care”,and carries out safe electricity, fire prevention and occupational health inkey workshop processes such as injection molding, electroplating and painting.Through strengthening publicity and education, we will strive to improve thefire safety awareness of all cadres and employees, check the system, checkfacilities, check hidden dangers, and comprehensively eliminate all kinds offire hazards.

The company paysattention to occupational health management, is willing to invest, internaltransformation of electroplating workshop and painting workshop, adding acidmist collection and processing equipment in electroplating workshop, installingfresh air system and exhaust gas monitoring alarm in coating workshop to ensurethe workshop environment and issuing according to regulations. Gas masks,anti-virus masks, dust-proof clothes, anti-corrosion gloves and otherprotective equipment to ensure the safety and health of employees, thefirst-line staff of the electroplating and painting (painting) process areorganized annually for occupational health examinations.

In order to ensurethe safety of employees in the company, the company actively creates acity-level demonstration staff canteen. In the process of creation, withreference to 5S and ISO management standards, the job is fixed and appointed,and in the course of business, it explores a suitable restaurant managementservice. "3+1 module management" mode. The company regularlyorganizes canteen satisfaction surveys, promotes canteen 5S management, andestablishes a canteen supervision group to receive supervision from the staffand the masses, listen to the opinions of the employees, and strive to make thecanteens that employees feel comfortable and satisfied.

The company iscommitted to strengthening the construction of safety culture and establishingthe concept of safe development. The “Ankang Cup” competition mobilizationmeeting is the prelude to the “Ankang Cup” activity every year. It organizes abanner signing activity of “Safe Production, Everyone is Responsible”, and usesvarious carriers such as the WeChat public number, publicity window, internalnewspapers and so on. Conduct safety knowledge promotion, conduct safetyproduction education and training for the team, improve the safety managementlevel of the cadres of the team and workshop, and the safety awareness and safeoperation level of the frontline workers, and hold the “Ankang Cup” safetyproduction knowledge competition, and the safety production knowledge has theprize. The answering activities, combined with the actual production of thecompany's workshops, should be consistent throughout the safety production, andorganize front-line employees to watch safety production education films andvarious types of accident warning films, so that employees can understand theimportance and necessity of the Ankang Cup activities.

The continuousdevelopment of the "Ankang Cup" competition has improved thecompany's safety production management system, improved the safety managementsystem, standardized the supervision mechanism of the trade unions, and enabledthe employees to learn the importance of safety in the production process andmaster the safety production knowledge. I gradually understand safety and Iunderstand safety. I am safe. I want to change my safety to safety, safety,safety awareness and self-protection, and maintain healthy and harmoniousdevelopment.

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