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Guangdong Baolong Automobile helps fight new coronavirus pneumonia
Publication time:2020.03.06 13:56:40

With the continuous spread of new coronavirus pneumonia and increasing demand for special ambulances across the country, Guangdong Baolong Automobile Co., Ltd. actively responded to the government's call to win the epidemic prevention and control sniper war. Negative pressure ambulances with virus filtering and killing functions work together with all relevant partiesto confront this sudden "epidemic" without gunpowder smoke and strive for early victory.

Guangdong Baolong Automobile Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Guangdong Hongtu Technology Co., Ltd., which is controlled by Guangdong Yueke Financial Group (Provincial Stateowned Enterprise). It is a bullet proof banknote transport vehicle, focused safety vehicle, special industryvehicle and low speed electric vehicle. For companies in four product categories, the company has announced product announcements for three types of vehicles, including Jiangling Motors and Foton, in terms of medical ambulances. The equipment and facilities can meet the current epidemic needs, but they are limited by the production suspension during the Spring Festival. The new ambulance has a long cycle and large investment, which cannot meet the urgent needs of the current epidemic prevention and ambulance.

Guangdong Baolong Automobile Co., Ltd. takes full advantage of more than 20 years of modification experience in the automotive industry and actively researches technical problem solutions with relevant partners. In order to solve the problem of whether the new ambulance can be quickly activated in ambulance and epidemic prevention, a new modification is formulated Program.

The solution is mainly to transform existing ambulance vehicles. By adding a negative pressure device, the air inside the ambulance can be effectively killed and filtered, thereby avoiding pollution to the surrounding environment during the process of transporting patients. This solution has the following advantages:

Fast: The current epidemic is developing rapidly, and ambulances with negative pressure are urgently needed. New car modification, procurement, modification, and roundtrip transportation from the chassis are long. We have completed the preparation of the modified parts in the company, organized several small units to come to the customer for modification. In principle, within one week, we can provide customers (hospitals) with negative pressure ambulances that meet the requirements.

Province: Compared to buying a new car, less investment is required for retrofitting. From the perspective of social costs, a large number of ambulances can also be left idle after the immune situation.

Time is life. This is a war without gunpowder. This is a race for time. This is a game of protection and safety. Excellent equipment is the key to victory in this matchup. The leadership of Baolong Motor and its team fully carried forward the spirit of serving the country, racing against time, passing the test of the modified vehicle and obtaining relevant confirmations, and launched a modification program that can be implemented for different types of ambulances, achieving "good and fast" This is an urgently needed goal of Baolong Automobile. Baolong Automobile will continue to cooperate with the relevant parties' epidemic prevention and control departments and medical institutions to make their best contribution to the epidemic protection.

The negative pressure ambulance developed by the company has taken the lead in implementing modification and application of ambulances in use in Shenzhen. It is believed that Baolong Automobile will contribute its due power to the epidemic prevention and control in Guangdong and even the whole country in the future.

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