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Introduction to Excellent Innovation Project of Hongtu Technology in 2019 (Science and Technology Innovation) — GETRAG DCT 300 Clutch Housing Development Project
Publication time:2020.08.19 17:15:38
By overcoming the technical difficulties, the clutch housing DCT300 developed by GETRAG project team has achieved the technological innovations such as high vacuum die-casting of the die, automatic wire feeding, machining information tracing etc. Compared with traditional clutch housing, it has the advantages of simpler operation, longer service life and higher production efficiency, and its rejection rate in the production process is 50% lower than that of similar products in European factories, which reflects Hongtu’s core values of being innovative and aggressive.
The implementation of this project not only maintain the company's technology-leading advantage in the field of high strength precision aluminum alloy automotive double clutch housing industry in China, but also tremendously improve the technical level of high strength precision aluminium alloy automotive double clutch housing industry in China.
Hongtu Technology always persists on strengthening the industry by science and technology, which is expected to benefit the country. The company strives to create the core competitive force through the innovative application of advanced technology in the field of manufacturing.
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