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Baolong Automotive Gone All out to Quickly Accomplish the Task of Refitting Negative Pressure Ambulances for All Districts and Counties in Zhaoqing
Publication time:2020.08.19 13:46:36
As COVID-19 is spreading widely across the globe, Zhaoqing as a key node city of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) has also started the battle against the pandemic, while negative pressure ambulances for carrying and rescuing infected patients failed to meet epidemic control needs due to the small quantity.

On February 12, after learning the refitting of negative pressure ambulances of Baolong Automotive, Li Ben, Member of Standing Committee of Zhaoqing Municipal CPC Committee, visited the company for a survey and guided to make deployment, and arranged all health commissions at district and county levels to dock with Baolong Automotive rapidly. Baolong undertook the refitting task over 16 negative pressure ambulances in 3 districts and 5 counties of Zhaoqing, and delivered them in a timely manner, making it the delivery of second batch of refitted ambulances after the delivery of Shenzhen vehicles.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Baolong Company has actively responded to the call of the state, given full play to its technical advantages, took prompt actions quickly, worked out the refitting scheme for negative pressure ambulances within a short time, and completed the refitting of and put into use three ambulances in first batch within just two days, showing the great determination of "Baolong speed" and epidemic prevention & control, and reflecting the advantages of "being fast, saving and sound" in respect of refitting and upgrading the existing ambulances into negative pressure ones under the current severe pandemic circumstances.

The refitting task of negative pressure ambulances for all districts and counties in Zhaoqing fully demonstrated the trust placed by the Municipal CPC Committee and the Government of Zhaoqing in Baolong Company, hence Baolong will live up to its high expectation and do its best to finishing the refitting task, so as to making contributions to the fight against the pandemic.

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