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Assisted by Information Technology for Work Resumption, the Company Launched the Epidemic Control Data & Information Monitoring Platform at Top Speed
Publication time:2020.08.19 13:51:07
Faced with the tough COVID-19 pandemic, the company had its COVID-19 prevention & control emergency department and other frontline anti-pandemic management departments plan all preparations prior to the work resumption.
Information Technology Team of Production Control Department gave full play to the wisdom-giving and energizing effect of information technology, and cooperated with all departments of the company at epidemic prevention & control frontline to tide over the crisis. On the basis of original big data information platform, the company rapidly developed a set of epidemic prevention & control information system, and built a data monitoring & management platform integrating functions like web meeting, personnel health information form, return workers' file tracing & travel control record, catering control record, foreigners control record, and epidemic prevention materials control record, etc.

I. Video conferencing function has been launched for the free communication of "anti-pandemic" work.

To safeguard the effective communication between departments during the pandemic, the information technology team conducted functional and scenario tests over many remote video conferencing system, and finally launched the enterprise's WeChat web conferencing function. Audio / video conference may be initiated directly through personnel system platform at any time and any place, with conference materials shared remotely. Since the go-live on February 3, cumulatively, 783 remote meetings were launched online, with total duration of 16,791 minutes.
II.     QR code information docking system has been developed independently, the real-time and accurate tracking has been realized for travel and dining by virtue of more than 3,500 lines of code.

It has been a difficulty of epidemic prevention and control work to precisely track the travel and dining process of employees after work resumption. For this purpose, the Information Technology Team, in collaboration with Administration Department and Quality Department, developed the QR code information docking system on the basis of existing all-purpose personnel card system and platform, allowing automatic docking with shifts, dining widows and seats and other information. Through the intense internal functional testing and program optimization, this system has been formally put into use before the work resumption. So far, the system has produced over 68,000 messages cumulatively, with the increase of returned workers, the data will be continuously recorded and analyzed, thus laying a good foundation for the comprehensive and orderly work resumption.
III.    Image and thermal imaging recognition technology has been brought in to improve the pass efficiency of staff at the gate.

With an aim to enhance the pass efficiency of staff at factory entry, the company has installed a set of automatic monitors for monitoring the mask wearing and thermal imaging temperature, which has not only improved the traffic efficiency, but also enhance the accuracy of testing.

IV.    Guests and vehicle information have been screened in advance to cut down the workload of security staff.

After work resumption, the way to manage staff of guests, suppliers and partners accessing the company has become a key priority of epidemic prevention and control. To this end, the Information Technology Team cooperated with Administration Department in developing a QR code for the registration of foreign personnel, the receiving department should register, screen and confirm such coming foreigners beforehand, so as to improve the foreigner management efficiency and reduce the workload of security staff.
V.      A big data information monitoring platform for epidemic prevention and control has been built, allowing data and information to generate management value.

"Prevent the coronavirus from spreading throughout or into the company!" -- it is a requirement put forward by Mo Jianzhong, General Manager and Commander-in-Chief of Epidemic Prevention and Control Emergency Headquarters on many occasions.

Hence, the Information Technology Team redesigned and developed the data & information monitoring platform for epidemic prevention and control, so as to achieve the integrated application of monitoring, management and decision making. This platform can not only integrate data about staff's travel, dining, foreigner control as well as the inventory monitoring of epidemic prevention & control materials, but also reflect the company's returned worker ratio, staff household distribution, daily staff health and situation of those in quarantine, moreover, it can transfer returned staff's archival information and monitor the shifts and travel situations in a real time manner. Besides, it can also assist HR Department to connect through "three forms and one statement" of returned workers, the list of those unreturned, and the daily information of staff health, etc.


With the gradual and comprehensive resumption of work and production, the Information Technology Team will adhere to the tenet of "driving business improvement and innovation by applying information technology", continue its performance of all duties, and provide technical support for the company's work resumption with persistence and responsibility.

We firmly believe that the spring will surely come in time!
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