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Hongtu Technology Won Honorable Title "Zhaoqing Powerful Industrial City Advanced Collective"
Publication time:2020.08.19 14:26:33
A meeting for commending advanced collective and advanced individual for their contribution to the "Powerful Industrial City" was held by the government of Zhaoqing City on April 28. Fan Zhongjie, secretary of Zhaoqing Party Committee, Lyu Yuyin, mayor of Zhaoqing City and other leaders presented at the meeting and gave a speech. Hongtu Technology standed out in the appraisal and won the honorable title of "2019 Zhaoqing 'Powerful Industrial City' Advanced Collective". Xu Feiyue, president of the company was invited to attend the meeting.
(Photo 1: Snapshot of list of "Zhaoqing 'Powerful Industrial City' Advanced Collective")

(Photo 2: A group photo with president Xu Feiyue accepting the award (fourth from the right in front row))

The city of Zhaoqing adheres to the guidance by President Xi Jinping's Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, deeply studies and implements the spirit from the speech and important instructions delivered by the General Secretary of CPC Central Committee and earnestly implements the "1+1+9" work arrangement by Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and Guangdong provincial government and the gist of instructions delivered by the secretary of Guangdong Provincial Party Committee on Zhaoqing government's work. In the principle of "emancipating the mind, integrating to the east and connecting to the west, strengthening the city through industry and rejuvenating the city through solid work", the city of Zhaoqing constantly carries out the "366" project for industrial development, the "1133" project for innovation-driven development and "611" project for modern agricultural development. As such new progress has been made in a wide range of work in industrial construction. Therefore, all enterprises being commended this time are key enterprises of Zhaoqing City in various sectors. Awarding the honorable title "Zhaoqing Powerful Industrial City Advanced Collective" to Hongtu Technology is a full identification and recognition of the company's contributions to the local economic development by the government of Zhaoqing City.
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