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Guangdong Province Foundry Industry Association Visited Hongtu Technology Die-casting (Headquarters) for Survey and Exchange
Publication time:2020.08.19 14:29:55
On May 11, a survey team visited Hongtu Technology Die-casting (Headquarters) for work and production resumption investigation and exchange on future development. Members of the survey team include Chen Yongcheng, president of Guangdong Province Foundry Industry Association, Li Yuanfa, executive vice president, Zhang Jing and Zhang Ying, the vice president, and Zhang Kanglin, secretary general of Guangdong Province Foundry Industry Association as well professor Wu Chunmiao, an expert from Guangdong Province Foundry Industry Association, Zhu Dezhi, secretary general of Guangzhou Foundry Institute, and Deng Yiming, secretary general of Hong Kong Foundry Association. Xu Feiyue, the president of the company, Mo Jianzhong, vice president and general manager of Die-casting (Headquarters), Zhang Guoguang, deputy general manager of Die-casting (Headquarters) and other leaders welcomed the leaders from the GPFIA and members of the survey team.
President Xu Feiyue expressed warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the delegation for their deep understanding of the company's operation and provision of information about the industry at present. General manager Mo Jianzhong described to the survey team the development of die-casting business segment in Hongtu and the results of pandemic prevention work, expressed his comments on the change in pandemic both at home and abroad and the impact on the market in second half year and at the same time raised existing questions of enterprise development and proposed relevant suggestions on future development of the industry, hoping that GPFIA will exert its coordinating role to report to the superior government the demand of enterprise, reduce the burden of the enterprise and solve the common difficulties the industry development is facing.
GPFIA president Chen Yongcheng commended the achievements made by Hongtu Technology in recent years and spoke highly of the pandemic prevention and work & production resumption coordinated by the company, pointing out that the pandemic not only influences domestic enterprise, but also causes a big blow to foreign enterprises. The company is suggested to proactively take appropriate measures to keep development momentum according to the actual conditions.
The survey team visited the production workshop, and leaders of the company introduced the thinking and practice of the company in production management, safety and environmental protection and pandemic prevention in details.

GPFIA president Chen Yongcheng expressed that GPFIA will continue to give play to its capacity in resources integration and further enhance the organizing capacity and service ability and offer advice and suggestions to better serve the members. After the survey, GPFIA will summarize the problems occurred during the operation and management and opinions and actively present the feedback to relevant government authority in time to reduce the taxation burden and operation pressure of the enterprise and promote a sound and healthy development of the industry.
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