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Comrade Chen Xuanqun, Deputy Mayor of Zhaoqing City, Accompanied a Delegation from State Power Investment Corporation Limited to Baolong Automotive for Survey
Publication time:2020.08.19 14:33:47
On May 17, a delegation from State Power Investment Corporation Limited visited Baolong Automotive for survey in the company of comrade Chen Xuanqun, the deputy mayor of Zhaoqing City.
The survey team explored the workshop to learn about the production process and product R&D at the site. The survey focused on the new negative pressure ambulance developed by Baolong Automotive in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The contribution made by the company to the health sector of Zhaoqing City during the pandemic was also highly recognized.

The survey team visited the corporate culture hall of Baolong Automotive to learn about the development history and mainstream product technologies of Baolong Automotive, and had a deep communication and exchange on new energy and truck refitting cooperation.

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