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General Party Branch of Hongtu Technology Launched Condolence Visits
Publication time:2020.08.19 15:38:30
On the eve of the “July 1st” Party Building Day, the General Party Branch of Guangdong Hongtu Technology (Holdings) Co., Ltd. organized condolence visits to send care and warmth to retired party members and employees in difficulty.
On the afternoon of June 30, Zhou Leren, General Party Branch Secretary of the company, led the party branch secretaries to the homes of several condolence recipients, and sent them rice, oil and other condolences and solatium. Wherever Zhou Leren paid a visit, he always talked with retired party members and employees in difficulty, inquired about their physical conditions and living conditions carefully, and conveyed the care and greetings from the organization. When visiting retired old party members, Zhou Leren pointed out that old party members are the precious wealth of our party, and their loyal character and hard-working spirit deserve our praise and study. He expressed his gratitude to the old party members for their contributions to the company, and told them to pay more attention to diet and nutrition and take good care of their health, hoping that they will continue to care for and support the development of the company. When visiting the employees in difficulty and those who recovered from COVID-19, Zhou Leren carefully understood the situation of the employees and encouraged them to tide over the difficulties with a positive attitude and lead a better and better life through struggle. Zhou Leren also instructed his entourage to pay more attention to retired party members and employees in difficulty and help them out of practical problems.
The General Party Branch of the company has visited and paid condolences to 2 retired old party members, 5 employees in difficulty and 2 people who recovered from COVID-19, and practically sent warmth to the homes of every retired party member and employee in difficulty in a way that they felt the care of the party organization of the company.
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