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Hongtu Technology Gives Party Lecture for Discipline Education Month
Publication time:2020.09.27 13:53:58
To earnestly carry out activities of the discipline education month of 2020 and practically strengthen the discipline consciousness of Party members and cadres in the company, on September 18, Hongtu Technology invited Xie Conglong, a member of the Party Committee, secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, and supervision commissioner of Guangdong Technology Financial Group, to give a special lecture to the Party members and cadres of the company. It was attended by over 200 people, including all Party members, middle-level and above leading cadres.

Secretary Xie gave the lecture by focusing on the theme of "abiding by six disciplines and consciously accepting supervision to be qualified Party members in the new era", and around the three aspects of firmly establishing a sense of discipline, strictly observing the six disciplines, and consciously accepting supervision. With a wealth of specific cases, he explained the connotation and requirements of the "six disciplines" via introducing the Regulations on Disciplinary Punishment of the Communist Party of China and the revisions. In line with the realities of Hongtu Technology, he put forward the priorities and directions of practicing the discipline requirements. He stressed that leading cadres and Party members of Hongtu Technology should constantly strengthen studies of the Party's theoretical knowledge, Party disciplines and regulations, actively adapt to the new requirements of the supervision of state-owned enterprises in the new era, and new changes in the reform the discipline inspection and supervision system, strive to be models of knowing, understanding and abiding by the law, translate the high degree of political consciousness into action consciousness, and make greater contributions to the planning and promotion of various works to achieve practical results.

Li Boqi, chairman of the company, made requirements for strictly implemeting the disciplines and strengthening supervision. He pointed out that strict discipline is the Party's glorious tradition and unique advantage. Secretary Xie gave a lively and profound Party lesson with rich examples of enterprises. All Party members and cadres of the company should thoroughly study and understand the spirit of the Party lecture, conscientiously strengthen their sense of discipline, be strict with themselves and keep eternal vigilance. He stressed that the company should build a contingent of clean, honest and self-discipline cadres with excellent political integrity, and cultivate a discipline-abiding atmosphere in which everyone acts in accordance with the rules, and the key is to establish sound institutional guarantee. All units should take advantage of the ongoing review of purchasing business to improve the system, perfect supervision, and promote the practice to tighten the system guarantee for all businesses.

Zhou Leren, secretary of the general Party branch of the company, put forward requirements on strengthening discipline construction of the Party in the company. He stressed that Party discipline is a powerful weapon for the Party to maintain its health, and an important guarantee for the implementation of the Party's line, principles, policies, and various tasks. All Party branches should thoroughly search for and correct the problems existing in discipline, and make discipline education a regular work. Leading cadres of Party members should take the lead in observing the discipline and rules, and conscientiously study and implement the system requirements for the supervision of state-owned enterprises. The masses of Party members should take the process of discipline education and study as a process of calibrating their ideas, adjusting the rudder of behavior, tightening the strings of their styles of work, and ensuring that their thoughts are not corrupt and their actions are not biased, so as to make greater contributions to the realization of the company’s vision of "co-casting a first-class industrial group".

 Later, Xie Conglong held discussions with the company's leading group.
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