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Li Cheng, the Secretary of CPC Committee and Director of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, the People's Government of Guangdong Province, and Others Come to Hongtu Technology to Investigate and Inspect the Enterprise's Prevention and Control of the Epidemic as Well as Its Work Resumption Situation.
Publication time:2020.08.19 14:10:52
In the afternoon of April 23, Li Cheng, Secretary of CPC Committee and Director of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, the People's Government of Guangdong Province (SASAC Guangdong), and others arrived Hongtu Technology Die-casting (Headquarters) to investigate and inspect the enterprise's prevention and control of the epidemic as well as its work resumption situation, and then listened to the report made by Mo Jianzhong, Vice President of Hongtu Technology, regarding the company profile, epidemic prevention & control, work resumption and its future development plan; those who were in the company for this trip included Wang Xiaoyun, Member of CPC Committee and Deputy Director of SASAC Guangdong, Lv Ning, Director of the Office of SASAC Guangdong, Li Xiaoqing, Director of the Office for Development & Planning of SASAC Guangdong, Zhao Jingping, Head of the Division of Party and Masses’ Affairs of SASAC Guangdong, Li Ben, Member of the Standing Committee and Executive Vice Mayor of Zhaoqing City, Zheng Shiguang, Director of SASAC Zhaoqing City, and Li Baiqi, Deputy General Manager of Technology Financial Group and Chairman of the Board of Hongtu Technology.
(Picture 1: Director Li Cheng and his party entered workshop to understand the enterprise's production situation)
(Picture 2: Director Li Cheng and his party had an informal discussion with the person in charge of the enterprise)

Director Li Cheng expressed his recognition for the achievements made by the company as a result of its sustainable development over these two decades, and encouraged Hongtu Technology to make persistent efforts and achieve new results. Firstly, in the face of technological reform, market changes and uncertainties brought by the current pandemic, the company should improve its ideological standing, adjust industrial layout, concentrate on industrial advantages, and especially make continuous improvement in aspects such as intellectualized manufacturing and refined production. Secondly, efforts should be concentrated on promoting industrial innovation and upgrading, improving the company's technical capability and innovation level in the industry and expanding the market area; Thirdly, the company should stay firmly committed to the specialized path, strive to become more prominent and distinctive in the specialization of production, management, service and other aspects, and further make the company stronger, better and bigger, so as to make greater contributions to the social and economic development.
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